With contributions from a select group of incredible scholars, Rocketmix's initial modules have have focused on three subjects: Astronomy, Biology, and Political Science.

Featured Subjects


The Astronomy modules explore enduring questions about the Earth and its (small) place in the larger galaxy, with lessons on seasons, dark matter, ancient astronomers, the habitable zone, and well beyond.


The Biology modules let students discover fascinating implications of Biology's basic principles on topics ranging from DNA replication to the cell cycle, energetics to fruit fly genetics, and well beyond.

Political Science

The Political Science modules lead students through analytic exercises about the Constitutional Convention, the Hastert Rule, Lyndon Johnson's lobbying, presidential elections, and well beyond.

To see more about each subject's module offerings, click on the corresponding picture above.  And if you have an idea for new modules (on any subject), let us know and we will get back to you shortly!